Los Mangos Tasting & Talk Tour!


We had such a great day at our Los Mangos event last week, so we have decided to share this fantastic coffee with some of our friends and followers around Ireland, by taking the Los Mangos Tasting & Talk on tour to a number of great cafes, for the official #Losmangosworldtour!  
We are kicking off tomorrow with our friends in Established Coffee, Belfast. 
Tickets to our Belfast stint are very limited, so book your ticket to this event here.

This event is showcasing a truly unique coffee named Los Mangos, from a farm named Finca Argentina, grown high on the Apaneca-Ilamatepec Mountain Ranges, in El Salvador.  What makes this event so interesting, is that we will be tasting one coffee, but with three different processing methods; washed, pulp natural and natural, which has everyone at 3fe very excited!

Following on from Belfast, we will be touring the talk and tasting to both Galway and Cork, with guest speakers from 3fe, including Monika Palova (Roaster) and Robyn Butler (Executive Barista) who will be filling us in on some fascinating information, all about the farm; Finca Argentina, the farm owner; Alejandro, and what really makes this coffee so special. 

As this years harvest is a World Exclusive for 3fe, and we have such a small amount, guests will be some of the only people worldwide to taste this years harvest of this unique coffee, with all participants given the opportunity to purchase bags of the coffee, and as there is extremeley limited stock, this is a special treat!

Tickets can be booked here


Los Mangos Exclusive Tasting & Talk Saturday, June 17th | 12pm | Sussex Terrace.


We are delighted to announce we will be holding a very special Tasting and Talk on Saturday, 17th of June at 12pm, in our Sussex Terrace Showroom, that is not to be missed! 
The event is showcasing a coffee named Los Mangos, from a farm named Finca Argentina, grown high on the Apaneca-Ilamatepec Mountain Ranges, in El Salvador. To purchase tickets, click here, or continue reading below.

Farm Owner, Alejandro's passion and drive for producing exceptional and unique coffees is second to none.

Farm Owner, Alejandro's passion and drive for producing exceptional and unique coffees is second to none.

What makes this event so interesting, is that we will be tasting one coffee, but with three different processing methods; washed, pulp natural and natural, which has everyone at 3fe very excited!
For those of you who don't quite know what processing is, fear not, as it will all be explained at the event, but all you need to know for now is that it dramatically effects the flavour and characteristics of the final cup, so tasting a single coffee, that has been separated and processed in three separate ways is bound to be extremely interesting.

We will also have our very own 3fe Roaster Monika, who will be filling us in on some fascinating information, all about the farm; Finca Argentina, the farm owner; Alejandro, and what really makes this coffee so special. On the day, we will be the first group in Ireland to taste this years harvest of this unique coffee, with all participants given the opportunity to purchase bags of these before they go on sale, and as there is very limited stock, this is a special treat!

Tickets cost €10 and this will allow you entrance to the talk and a tasting of each of the coffees. 

Places will be very limited, so to book a ticket, follow the link below:
Los Mangos Tickets


New Book Keeper/Accounts Assistant Position at 3fe


We've had a pretty exciting start to the year with lots of projects in the shape of shops, books, websites, a new roastery and no end of new products on our website. With all of these ventures taking place we've decided to create a new full time role for a bookkeeper / accounts assistant to join our finance team, supporting our CFO. 

The ideal applicant will relish working in a fast-paced and growing environment and ideally would have at least 1-2 years previous experience in a similar role.

Interested parties should fill out the questionnaire below and we'll hope to have the successful applicant in place in the next 4-6 weeks. We'd love to hear from you if you're interested and if you're not, spread the word!


'What I Know About Running Coffee Shops' Book Launch - April 20th - The Fumbally


As many of you know, I've spent the last couple of years writing my first book, What I Know About Running Coffee Shops, and I'm delighted to say that it's now ready to hit the shelves. The book is launching on Thursday April 20th and we've decided to have a bit of a get-together to celebrate.

The title of the book explains itself but I'm hopeful that it will find readers not just amongst the coffee community but also amongst those who are just interested in how things get done. The book is self-published and self-financed so its taken a lot of time and effort to get it out in the wild.

Our friends at The Fumbally have kindly allowed us to take over their space next Thursday 20th April so we can have a few drinks, pass out some nibbles and huddle in corners to find spelling mistakes.  

The event kicks off at 7pm and is open to everyone but you will need to register for a free ticket here. We'll be selling the books at our shops, through wholesale and online in the coming weeks if you cant make it, but if you can make it I'm very much looking forward to seeing you there!

Thanks for all the support and patience, 

Managing Director, 3fe Coffee.


Barista/Service Positions at 3FE

winners - 010 copy.jpg

We’re delighted to announce that we have a new barista/service position to fill over the coming weeks.

The role will involve serving customers, making coffee, running food and drinks, and all the other random things that go with running with a busy coffee shop. Experience working with  speciality coffee is not a requirement, but experience in the service industry is an advantage and enthusiasm is a must.

The ideal applicant will be customer-focused , willing to work as part of a team, and have an interest in food and coffee.

If you’re interested, please fill out the survey here and if you’re successful we’ll contact you for your c.v. and an interview!

Best of Luck!


Coffee Potluck - Saturday 1st of April


Well, April is nearly upon us, and here at 3fe we believe in starting each quarter as we mean to go on; by tasting a ton of amazing coffee! With that in mind, we are very excited to be hosting our first Coffee Potluck this Saturday, April 1st. The aim is to taste LOTS of interesting coffees, meet like-minded coffee-lovers and have a blast! The Coffee Potluck will be a casual cupping, open to everybody. The cupping will be split into two sections, firstly tasting and discussing a selection of Canadian roasted coffees, and then moving onto an assortment of 3fe coffees (And maybe a few surprises!) 

When is it: Saturday 1st April, 2.30pm - 4.00pm.
Where is it: 3fe, 7 Sussex Terrace, Dublin 4.
Admission: BYOB (bring your own beans), or make a small donation to Coffee 2020.


Coffee Potluck is a Canadian-based coffee project. Their main goal is to provide a strong community-base for consumers and coffee-industry folk alike to gather together, build conversations and relationships around coffee and taste lots of new things. They showcase local and international coffees at their monthly events, held in various locations around Vancouver. For the month of April, Vania (former 3fe staff member and co-founder of Coffee Potluck) is travelling throughout Europe, holding guest Potlucks at a number of cafes, with the next stop being 3fe! 
When Vania got in contact with us to suggest the event, our instant response was "Definitely!", followed quickly by "But what's a potluck?" For those of you (including ourselves) who hadn't come across the term before: 



    • a meal or party to which each of the guests contributes a dish.

So, in keeping with the 'potluck' concept, we would ask that guests bring along a bag of coffee they're loving at the moment, or alternatively, make a small donation on the day to our friends over at The 20/20 Coffee Project. The 20/20 Coffee Project is an Irish-based organisation, which supports poverty reduction and sustainabily programmes in coffee-producing countries in Africa and Asia, with the goal of improving the lives, health and livelihoods of local coffee producing communities. To read more about the great work they do, follow this link.

We look forward to seeing many of you next Saturday, in what promises to be a great afternoon!

                                                                  Vania Hosting a recent Coffee Potluck in Vancouver. 

                                                                  Vania Hosting a recent Coffee Potluck in Vancouver. 


La Ilusion Event - Sunday 26th February


We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting a tasting event for our El Salvador La Ilusion coffee lot in our Sussex Terrace Premises. There are three time slots available on Sunday the 26th of Feb with limited places on sale. 

La Ilusion is undoubtedly one of our favourite coffees at 3fe and and we have been enjoying Ernesto Menendez' coffee at 3fe since we opened in late in 2009. We've used his coffees at both National and World Barista Championship level and to our mind it's one of the finest examples of what El Salvador has to offer. La Ilusion has also won the 'Cup of Excellence' competition in 2008, and in 2011 Alejandro Mendez won the World Barista Championship using coffee from the farm.

We are incredibly honoured to be roasting and serving La Ilusion and are excited to be presenting it this year to our customers and hopefully for many more years to come.

Our Training Manager Eithne will be brewing this special coffee for all participants to taste in a variety of different ways and Executive Barista Robyn will be presenting a talk, in which you will learn all about Ernesto Menendez, the dedicated farm owner, his farm, and what makes his La Ilusion coffee so special. Tickets cost €20 and can be purchased here. Your ticket will entitle you to admission to one of our tastings and talks taking place at 11am, 12.15pm and 1.30pm. Each ticket holder will also get a bag of this beauty to bring home, what more could you want on a Sunday afternoon?

Tickets for this event are limited, so be sure to book early to avoid disappointment. Tickets can be booked here.

Five Points by Adam Sheridan

Anyone who has visited our Grand Canal Street will no doubt be familiar with our manager Adam Sheridan who for the last number of years has been the driving force behind our flagship cafe. Adam plays whopper music, welcomes everyone he meets and is responsible for what he lovingly refers to as "vibes". We're incredibly fortunate to have Adam at 3fe.

Late last year Adam came to me and explained he'd always wanted to open his own place and so he felt it was time to move on. My instant reaction was simple: I'm going with you.

Five Points Coffee will be joint venture between Adam Sheridan and 3fe which gives us a wonderful opportunity to build another strong business, gain a valuable wholesale customer and all the while supporting one of our most talented alumni. Quite simply, its a no-brainer.

Last week we signed a lease on a premises in Harold's Cross and we're hoping to open in the not too distant future, but we're not giving you a date yet! What makes it even more exciting is that our Executive Chef Hilary O'Hagan Brennan will be setting the kitchen up there for the next few months before handing it over to a new head chef in time for Summer, before hopefully moving on to the next 3fe project.

In the meantime you can follow five points on twitter or on instagram and we'll have a website up shortly before we open. We're excited to meet all our new neighbours and I, personally, am very excited to see the cafe that Adam has in store for us.


7 Years old today and what we do next....

Eight years ago today I left my job in Financial Services. Seven years ago today I opened our first "shop" in the lobby of the Twisted Pepper. Three years ago today we started roasting coffee. Earlier today I picked up the keys to our new 8,500sqft roastery. December 5th has been good to us over the years.

2016 has been quite a year for 3fe and as well as planning for the impending madness that is Christmas, we're also busy setting goals and targets to make 2017 our best yet. In the last year we've opened a new shop, grown our machine distribution business, outgrown our roastery and continued to improve the oddest corner in Dublin as one of Dublin's favourite cafes. We also managed to survive the World Barista Championships coming to town, but we have the scars to prove it!

Now just shy of 30 people we recently hired two new members for our wholesale team, a new trainer for our training school and a new CFO. In the coming months we hope to add a number of new positions, some of which will be aimed at growing our hugely successful coffee subscription programme and webshop. It seems people really enjoy getting coffee posted to them.

All of this would have been in vain if we weren't improving quality as we go and I'm in awe of the team we've built over the years and how they approach their tasks with passion and integrity each working day. We're thankful most of all though to all of our loyal customers in both retail and wholesale who keep coming back week after week, they're a massive part of any success we may see.

We're excited to bring some new ventures to the table next year (details coming soon!) and we're looking forward to looking back next December 5th. 

Colin & team 3fe.

Sustainability at 3fe

Kitchen crew, you might not always see- we hang out in the basement but we are the team behind your food at 3fe.

Kitchen crew, you might not always see- we hang out in the basement but we are the team behind your food at 3fe.


We've been making a move towards sustainability here in 3fe of late. It's something that's always been in the back of our mind and we probably do a lot of it without thinking already, like recycling our waste and using locally sourced suppliers, but we think that making a concerted effort to do it right is better for the environment, our suppliers and us as we move towards being a more progressive business in every way.

The Sustainability Restaurant Award membership has been instrumental in helping us to achieve this. The only other restaurant in Ireland to have this award at the moment is Loam, Galway, a Michelin star restaurant. I'm sure a lot of you are thinking but they're a michelin star restaurant- sure! But we figured why not. We care and we want to be a better business so this is the next step. In fact we would argue being a sustainable business is the only way to run a business nowadays.

Our compost bins might not be pretty on the eye but they're pretty important to our sustainability programme.

Our compost bins might not be pretty on the eye but they're pretty important to our sustainability programme.

We've got compost bins out the back, by January this is going to be ready to use as we start our first ever vegetable patch. We produce a LOT of coffee grounds so we are using the bulk of this in our compost and if there's too much coffee grounds Dave from little cress, who grows our micro cress, takes it for his own compost.

Hilary & Holly in their natural habitat amongst some of our lovely micro cress form Dave Heffernan at Littlecress. 

Hilary & Holly in their natural habitat amongst some of our lovely micro cress form Dave Heffernan at Littlecress. 

Another thing we produce a lot of is waste milk- this sounds gross but its actually perfectly normal and safe to use. Its basically the leftover milk we collect when we steam milk for your cappuccinos. We collect the surplus milk and keep it refrigerated, then use this to make ricotta and yoghurt. Its really delicious and you feel great knowing you made it from something that ordinarily would have just got chucked down the sink.

Like any kitchen we have a lot of vegetable trimmings, these now go into vegetable ferments like the hot sauce, sauerkraut, kimchi and other interesting things we've been playing around with in our kitchen.

Fruit cores is something thats really great for making vinegars with, then we keep the mother from these vinegars and keep making them. Every batch is a little different in flavour. Its like a bubbling science lab in our dry store sometimes.

Looks a bit nasty but this apple cider vinegar is really tasty and uses up all of our apple cores.

Looks a bit nasty but this apple cider vinegar is really tasty and uses up all of our apple cores.

Local sourcing is something that is a massive part of sustainability. It's mad because we thought that by buying Irish and organic where possible we were doing a great job being sustainable but in fact it needs to be within a 50 mile radius to be considered truly sustainable. So we've had to go back to the drawing board with a lot of our ingredients and unfortunately turn around to some producers/suppliers and say look we need it to be free range, organic and within a 50 mile radius.

Chaff is a waste product we get when we roast our coffee, its sort of like the skin of a peanut. Its really dry and we were looking for a way to use it rather than just get rid of it. Then our pork supplier walked in the door with our smoked bacon (that he smokes himself) perfect! He now collects our chaff and smokes our bacon for us with our chaff.

Now onto pancakes...everybody loves pancakes right?! Maple syrup is expensive and not even Irish, so now we make our own cascara syrup from the cascara, which is the dried fruit of the coffee bean. Pancakes and syrup with a caffeine hit- perfect for that weekend brunch.

We roast our own coffee and we know where it comes from, we know that the farmers get paid properly for it and that its really good quality. But when we started thinking outside the box we started to think about chocolate. We sell so many brownies, which means we use a lot of chocolate, the recipe still remains a secret but the chocolate we now use is Callebaut organic and 100% fair trade. Its more expensive but its worth it.

All this sustainability stuff is actually a really difficult task to do under normal circumstances but as we change our menu weekly it is even more challenging for us to do this. But it's good to challenge yourself to keep on top of the game, it keeps you going.


Three new barista positions at 3fe

We’re delighted to announce that we have three barista/service positions to fill over the next 8 weeks.

The roles will involve serving customers, making coffee, running food and drinks, and all the other random things that go with running with a busy coffee shop. Experience working with  speciality coffee is not a requirement, but experience in the service industry is an advantage and enthusiasm is a must.

The ideal applicant will be customer-focused , willing to work as part of a team, and have an interest in food and coffee.

If you’re interested, please fill out the survey here and if you’re successful we’ll contact you for your c.v. and an interview!

Best of Luck!


Training, Events and Education Manager

****Closing date is Wednesday 2nd November 2016****

We're delighted to announce that we are recruiting a Training, Events & Education Manager at 3fe Coffee with a view to the successful candidate starting between 15th and 29th of November. The role will involve the design, implementation and running of all of 3fe's training with both wholesale and retail customers.

Our training and events started way back in 2010 and have grown a reputation as being educational and practical but also with a bent towards having fun. We intend to roll out a new portfolio of classes and events for 2017 and we are seeking an ambitious person to drive that.

The role will initially involve working as a barista behind bar at 3fe to get a firm understanding of how we brew coffee and how we like to approach things. Following on from that, we expect it to become a stand alone roll in early 2017 with no more bar work thereafter.

The ideal applicant will not only have a love of coffee but also a passion for teaching and the motivation to develop a world class coffee education and training business. 

Those interested should fill out the survey here and we will begin interviewing from Wednesday 3rd November with a view to making an offer to the successful candidate on 10th of November.

Best of luck,



We're hiring! Wholesale Account Manager


Wholesale Account Manager


We are delighted to announce that we are recruiting a Wholesale Account Manager to start in early October. Although a knowledge of coffee is an obvious bonus, we are also keen to hear from people that can bring a new skill set to the team and are eager to learn about coffee.

The position will require you to work as part of an ambitious, hard working and integrated team of people in order to help 3fe progress in the coming years and decades.

The deadline for applications is the 31st of August, interviews will ideally be conducted on the week of the 5th September with an appointment made on the 12th of September. The successful candidate will ideally start within two to four weeks of that date, depending on circumstance.

3fe is an equal opportunities employer and we are excited to hear from a diverse range of people with regard to the job. Please have a read through the Job Description below and fill out the questionnaire at the link below.

Best of luck,


Managing Director, 3fe Coffee


Wholesale Account Manager at 3fe Coffee


- Liaising with our roastery on wholesale coffee offerings and other related issues

- Acting as a contact point for all of our wholesale customers and websales

- Projections and budgeting

- Setting and achieving sales goals

- Comfortable being on the road/visiting wholesale customers around the country

- Responsible for the growth of existing accounts

- Reporting to management team

- Training wholesale customers

- Fielding customer queries

- Invoicing

- Machine sales

- Wholesale website management

Skills and Competencies

- Capable of budgeting, reporting and setting effective pricing structures

- Relationship focused

- Willing to work within a team

- Full clean drivers license

- A keen interest in coffee

- A strong work ethic with the ability to fulfil duties in ample time

- Computer skills in office related tasks.

Bonus for

- Third level education

- Experience in specialty coffee shops, roasting, wholesaling, sourcing

- Proficient with design software, photography, websites, social media

- Experience in sales

- An interest in other things.

- Presentation experience

- Coffee equipment maintenance knowledge.

- Being nice




Yet more service/barista positions at 3fe!

With the opening of our new location fast approaching as well as the Grand Canal Street shop getting busier each week, we're delighted to announce at least two new positions at 3fe. As always you can fill out the questionnaire here and we'll get in touch thereafter. We're eager to hear from people with and without experience and hopefully we'll have a place that suits you!

Best of luck,


So you're thinking of coming to Dublin...


In June of this year, thousands of coffee professionals from all over the world will descend on Dublin for the World Barista Championships and the many spin off events associated with it. Many of those thousands have recently emailed me requesting things to see and do and so I thought I'd post a list of same to save myself some time.

As well as WBC, The World Coffee Throwing Championships are obviously the big draw, but World of Coffee, The World Aeropress Championships, ReCo and the World Tea Brewers Competition will all add to whats going to be an awesome week.

Dublin is a friendly and multicultural city but like any capital, it has its sketchy areas and downsides. Traditionally the streets of Temple Bar and Harcourt street are for heavy partying if thats your thing but there's also a lot of quiet pockets in and around the city. 

Tipping is expected but not demanded in most restaurants (about 10% is normal) but after that its not required. Uber works here but in my experience the Hailo app is a lot more reliable in Dublin and works the same way.

Dublin Bikes is a pay-as-you-go bike scheme with hundreds of handy locations around the city. If you plan to commute by train, bus or tram then get yourself a LEAP card to save on payments.

The list below is by no means a definitive list, just a list of my current favourites, and at the end you'll see a few links for other resources for Dublin City and beyond. Dublin is a great city and I'm sure you'll enjoy your visit but my first and most important bit of advice is to book your accommodation early, its never cheap.

The show is on in the RDS so places in Dublin 2 and Dublin 4 are most convenient but anywhere on the DART line or in Dublin 1 will be pretty good too. If you're looking for a non-city stay I'd recommend Sandymount, Dalkey and Monkstown which are all commutable to the RDS.

The food and drink scene is really great right now and there are a lot of excellent choices, many of which are outlined below. Like many major cities, restaurants have a big problem with no-shows here so if you do book a table please do turn up or at the very least give good cancelation notice. Many of the proprietors are friends and I'd hate to see them inconvenienced and out of pocket.

I have stepped away from the minefield of recommending coffee spots but I don't think there'll be any shortage of lists published that week. I'd also remind everyone that the Dublin Flea Market is on the Sunday of WBC in Newmarket Square (Near the Fumbally) and thats always great fun.

I've not linked all these places to their websites but you have the same Google I do, so knock yourself out. 

Food: My favourites...book early and show up!

  • Forest Avenue
  • Etto
  • Bastible
  • Delahunt
  • Chapter One
  • Luna

Fine Dining

  • Greenhouse
  • Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud
  • Thorntons
  • Amuse
  • l'Ecrivain

Other favourites

  • Pichet
  • Pigs Ear
  • Hot Stove
  • 777
  • The Old Spot
  • Fade Street Social
  • Super Miss Sue
  • Dax
  • l’Gueuleton
  • Locks
  • Winding Stair
  • Restaurant 41
  • Mulberry Garden

Things to eat...

  • Sheridans Cheese on Sth Anne Street (conveniently close to Coffee Angel!)
  • Cocoa Atelier Chocolate
  • Temple Bar Market (Saturday)
  • Anything by Gubbeen, cheese and meat
  • Durrus Cheese
  • Battered Sausages and chips (be drunk in a chipper)
  • Native Oysters are out of season but farmed Pacific are pretty decent too
  • Black Pudding, McCarthys of Kanturk is a favourite
  • Steak, The dexter breed is native to Ireland and is excellent but hard to find (Butcher Grill usually have some) 
  • Connemara Hill Lamb
  • Oldfarm Pork
  • Friendly Farmer Chicken
  • Murphy's Ice Cream 

Things to drink

  • Cockagee cider
  • Porterhouse Plain Porter on draught 
  • Kinnegar Rustbucket
  • Galway Bay, Of Foam and Fury
  • Powers John's Lane Single Pot Still whiskey
  • Glendalough Gin
  • White Hag Barrel Aged Black Boar (HT @thebeernut)
  • Green Spot Whiskey
  • Wicklow Wolf American Amber
  • Esterre, Stonewells (HT @beoirfinder)
  • Bo Bristle (HT @UmamiDublin)
  • Teeling 24 y/o (HT @whiskeyireland)
  • Redbreast 12 
  • Brown Paper Bag, any and all of them


  • Whitefriar Grill
  • Sister Sadie
  • San Lorenzos
  • Juniors
  • Brother Hubbard
  • Meet me in the morning

Cheap and Cheerful

  • Fowlplay (in the back of The Square Ball Pub)
  • Bunsen
  • Crackbird
  • Super Miss Sue Cervi
  • Leo Burdocks Fish & Chips
  • Izakaya
  • Lemon Crepe
  • Fish Shop
  • Cake Cafe
  • Pickle


  • Base Pizza
  • Bombay Pantry
  • Deliveroo (Multiple options and an excellent service)


  • Forest and Marcy
  • Fallon and Byrne (basement)
  • Ely 
  • Cavern, Baggot Street
  • Stanley's
  • Greenman Wines

Traditional Bars

  • Kehoes, South Anne Street
  • O'Briens, Leeson Street
  • Grogans, South William Street
  • Stags Head
  • Mulligans Poolbeg Street
  • Fallons, the Coombe
  • Nearys, Chatham Street
  • Gravediggers Glasnevin
  • Toners Baggot Street
  • Becky Morgans (Across the road from 3fe GCS)

Craft Beer/Whiskey

  • L Mulligan Grocer
  • 57 The Headline
  • Against the grain
  • Porterhouse
  • Square Ball (near 3fe)

Bars to watch the football in

  • The Square Ball (by 3fe)
  • Sinnotts (Stephens Green)
  • The Back Page


  • Peruke & Periwig
  • MVP
  • Vintage Cocktail Club

Comp Supplies

  • Fallon and Byrne (ingredients)
  • Lotts and Co (ingredients)
  • Meadows and Byrne (Supplies)
  • Muji


  • All Irish milk is incredible and you should know better than to ask. Its never UHT, usually fresh and is to my mind some of the best in the world. We use an organic milk from Dairyland at 3fe and we're pretty fond of it. Glenisk, Avonmore, Organic for Us and Village Dairy are all very good too and are all available at the show floor from their stands.


  • Indigo and Cloth
  • Nowhere
  • Tamp & Stitch
  • Brown Thomas

Nail Bars

  • Tropical Popical


  • Flat Iron


  • Lorcan Collins' tour which traces the recently celebrated 1916 rising is well established and incredibly interesting http://www.1916rising.com
  • Dublin Literary Pub Crawl is great fun and you might even learn something about the many writers that Dublin has been home to http://www.dublinpubcrawl.com
  • Viking Splash is a fun way to see the city http://vikingsplash.com


  • Cobblestone, Traditional Irish Music
  • O'Donohue's, Tradition Irish Music
  • Vicar Street, my favourite venue in the city, take a look if theres anything you like on
  • Three Arena, Supposedly Europe's largest purpose build music venue
  • Bernard Shaw, always something happening....
  • Whelans


  • Gaelic Football and Hurling, both at GAA.ie
  • Mountain Biking, various rentals available
  • Surfing (West Coast is best, for those with extra time)


  • Hugh Lane Gallery (Go just for the Francis Bacon studio)
  • Chester Beattie Library
  • IMMA


  • Phoenix Park 
  • Sandymount strand
  • Stephens Green
  • Great South Wall 


  • South Wall Walk
  • Bray to Greystones (Lunch at the Happy Pear)
  • North Bull Island

Other resources

  • www.lovindublin.com full of lists on pubs, food and all things interesting
  • http://www.tomdoorley.com not the prettiest site in the world but great content
  • http://www.thelocals.ie is a great guide for whats happening in Dublin without any of the nonsense you get on other sites

Leaving Dublin

  • Newgrange neolithic tombs
  • Sugarloaf Mountain
  • Sligo to Donegal, anywhere therein really...
  • Wild Atlantic Way, for those who have a few days to spare.
  • Ring of Kerry, probably the most beautiful place on the planet. probably.
  • Galway! Home to awesome food in the shape of Kai, Loam, Aniar, Morans Oyster Cottage, Ard Bia, Sheridans Wine Bar

Awesome Restaurants outside of Dublin

  • Kai, Galway
  • Gregan's, Clare
  • Tannery, Waterford
  • Ox, Belfast
  • Harrys Shack, Derry
  • An Port Mor, Mayo
  • Out of the Blue, Dingle Kerry
  • MacNean House and Restaurant, Cavan

I'll continue to add and edit this list so do revisit it and most of all enjoy your trip to Dublin and Ireland!


Backyard Mythologies: An Art Exhibition for Childline

Late last year the ISPCC announced that due to extreme funding pressures Childline, a 24-hour confidential listening service for youth across Ireland, was under threat of closing its overnight service. Though they were able to generate temporary funding to keep the service going, the long-term survival of the program is in jeopardy.

This year 100minds, a social venture that brings together students across Ireland to fundraise for a crucial cause, has chosen to partner with Childline to help keep the service going. We are organising fundraisers across the country with the goal of raising €1 million. That’s not a typo – an unprecedented €1 million push organised by youth for youth across Ireland.

A couple of months back, I had the pleasure of meeting Colin and being introduced to 3fe. When we met, I had this zany idea of an art show for Childline. I was originally just going to beg him for some coffee at the event but midway through our conversation, unprompted, he calmly said, “Let’s do it here.” Safe to say I had the biggest smile plastered on my face for the rest of the day.  

I’m incredibly excited to launch Backyard Mythologies — an online and physical art gallery featuring the brilliant work of Julianne Eleanor right here in 3fe. 100% of all profits raised from the sales will go directly to Childline.

You can get involved in three ways:

1) Order a print or original of your favourite piece

2) Send in a donation directly to our fundraising page

3) Come to the exhibition on March 31st, 7 PM, @ 3fe


Thanks for reading and hopefully we’ll see you on the 31st,

Rishi Ahuja



Coffee for Rashel

This morning I woke up in Melbourne to an email from Ger O'Donohue from First Draft, explaining that his business partner, our friend and Irelands Brewers Cup Champion Rashel Winn has recently taken a setback in her fight against cancer.

Rashel is one of the most charismatic and warm people I've ever met and after a few mails back and forth we've decided to do something for her that will hopefully help in the coming weeks and months.

Rashel's father Eric is trying to raise funds so that he and Rashel's family can be with her at this incredibly difficult time. We made a cash donation but wanted to do something more and so this Friday at 3fe we are not going to charge for coffee in the shop.

Instead, there's going to be a big bucket on the counter and you can pay what you like as a donation to Rashel's cause. If you want to pay a little more than you usually would, thats also completely fine.

If you can't make it down on Friday there is a GoFundMe campaign here where you can donate funds and Eric has written very eloquently about their situation. Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully we'll see you on Friday for coffee, for Rashel.


Bags of beans on Deliveroo

We've long been fans of Deliveroo here at 3fe and its not uncommon to see their bikes pull up outside our Grand Canal Street shop. We're delighted to now be teaming up with them to offer coffee beans (ground and whole bean) for delivery across the greater Dublin City area.


We often see taxis pull up outside the shop and the passenger run in, grab four bags of coffee to be ground and then disappear back into the car to be whisked away back to the office. Although its great for business, we thought there should be a better way to facilitate this and so the Deliveroo option came about.

You simply select 3fe on the Deliveroo website and then select your coffee, quantity and preferred grind (or whole bean) and it'll be with you in no time. The system is live now and we're looking forward to seeing coffee shoot out all over the city for your enjoyment. 

Senior Chef/Cook Position at 3fe

Although we've built our business off serving cups of coffee, somewhere along the line food became a massive part of what we do. Our Chef Hilary has worked tirelessly over the past 2 years to build our food offering and this week we'll serve over 1500 dishes, large and small, over breakfast, lunch, brunch and random-snack-time.

As we prepare for the opening of our new location in a couple of months time, its time for us to recruit someone to help Hilary and her crew deal with the extra demand. It's not a traditional chefs position by any means but if you would like to work in a progressive environment, have experience working on busy kitchens and like the idea of daytime hours and competitive pay then we'd like to hear from you.

We're eager to hear from experienced chefs and cooks who want to make interesting, approachable and awesome food in a busy environment. If you're interested click on this link and fill out the questionnaire. Good luck!


We're hiring!

As many of you will know, we are soon opening a second 3fe location (more on that soon) as well as expanding our offerings here on Grand Canal Street. With that in mind we are hoping to take on 5 people over the next 3 months for full time positions at both locations.

The roles we have to be filled will entail making coffee, serving customers, running food/drinks, keeping the place clean, as well as all the other little tasks that make a cafe tick. Prior coffee knowledge is not a requirement but a willingness to work hard and get on with customers and co-workers is a must.

Applicants are required to fill out the survey below after which we will contact you for a full CV and hopefully an interview thereafter.