Event: Black Eagle Gravitech Launch


Over the years we’ve worked very closely with Nuova Simonelli and also their sister company Victoria Arduino with whom we have been building a strong distribution relationship over the years. I myself was fortunate enough to be involved in the Mythos grinder project and so when we were asked last year to be one of four cafes worldwide to test their new Gravimetric Black Eagle we, of course, jumped at the chance.

The gravimetric system utilises weighing scales in the drip tray to allow you to accurately control your espresso extraction by setting target weights in advance. We have been hugely impressed with the technology and were delighted to be part of the secret testing phase which has been ongoing for the last 6 months right under your noses.

As distributors of the Gravimetric Black Eagle we are delighted to host a launch event at 3fe on Friday 24th of April at 3fe on Grand Canal Street. After a quick presentation we’ll give you the chance to play with the new machine and there’ll also be a few drinks and nibbles for those attending.

The machine is built to accommodate various different brewing parameters and so we’ll have a few different coffees pulling at different specs on the night to demonstrate this.

The event is free to attend but limited to 30 places so make sure to reserve your ticket here for what will no doubt be a very popular event. The show kicks off at 7.30pm, hope to see you there.



Event Sold Out: Beer collaboration with Brown Paper Bag Project

We at 3fe have always been huge fans of the guys at L. Mulligan Grocer and having started our businesses at the same time we’ve been in cahoots with them ever since. In fact, they were our very first wholesale customer, although at the time it involved them just buying bags of coffee off us on Abbey Street and cycling it back to the pub. How times have changed!

In recent years they’ve begun brewing their own beer, under the name Brown Paper Bag Project, using different breweries around the world in which to brew and when they invited us to be a part of their new Black Coffee IPA we jumped at the chance. It was a really exciting project to be part of and something we’re very proud to have been part of.

The collaboration also included the Dutch gypsy brewers Kompaan which was started by two lifelong friends in The Hague (thus the name - Kompaan is companion in Dutch) who are opening their own brewery later this year. They brew a range of beers from an easy drinking, light lager to barrel aged and port infused stouts.  Colin, Seaneen and Brian met them at a beer festival in Berlin over the summer and got on so well they decided a collaboration was the next inevitable step!


Jasper Langbroek and Jeroen van Ditmarsch of Kompaan Craft Brewers and Colin Hession and Brian Short of Brown Paper Bag Project met again in England to brew this BLACK COFFEE IPA - brewed with 3 different malts, 5 different hops, and the finest Kenya Kiri Peaberry coffee, selected and roasted by 3FE. It is a beer brewed to remember the good times, to celebrate new friendships, and to be enjoyed in the same spirit.

On Friday 6th March at 7pm we will be hosting the launch of Brown Paper Bag Project's Black Coffee IPA at 3fe and we have a limited number of places available for the event. We’ll have a short presentation, a quick tasting of coffees and a bit of a chat about what we did and why we chose to do it that way.

Tickets are free but you must sign up for one below to be able to attend and in return for your €0 you’ll get coffee on the night, a few nibbles and a bottle of the beer to take home with you after.

Numbers are limited so book now to avoid heart-wrenching disappointment. If you’re lucky enough to get a ticket but can’t make it on the night, please do let us know so we can pass it on to someone else. Hope to see you there, 

***This event is now sold out!


Apron Collaboration with Enrich & Endure.


Over the last few months we've been working with Sarah and Lorcan at Enrich & Endure on our very own bespoke aprons made from pure Irish Linen. There was a time not so long ago when Linen was a massive industry in Belfast, Dublin and particularly where Lorcan and Sarah hail from, Bainbridge Co. Down.

Once I'd met with them and shared a coffee or two I knew that it made so much sense for us to do this together and we set about creating something that was simple, unique, hard wearing and interesting. 

Aprons these days are cheap, and there are no shortage of websites that we can pick them up for a €5 or so a pop, but the cost to us was not the first consideration we had. Buying a product that will last and develop over time and also help to revive a domestic industry that's on its knees was something that was very appealing to us. Knowing that the products were ethically sourced and made was another really important aspect. We also really liked Sarah and Lorcan, which helps no end.

In terms of the materials used, we sat down with the guys and went through our options. We fell for a beautiful off-white linen very quickly but knew that it was just unrealistic for a coffee environment. The Charcoal Grey we settled on was a resounding favourite and worked well with our red and white colour scheme and tied in closely with the shop front. 

Matched with red flecks and a smart white logo, the apron is designed to be used as both a full and half length apron. The weight of the cloth is perfectly suited to the cafe environment and we can already see how the thread will tighten and develop over time like the guys have shown us with other quality linen samples. 

To me the most pleasing aspect of this project was getting to work alongside two incredibly passionate people who are bringing a new resurgence to an old industry and doing so with positivity, creativity and confidence. Enrich and Endure have done an incredible job with our aprons and to me are a business to watch in 2015 and beyhond.




Breakfast at 3FE


There's been a lot of change in 3fe this last year. Some of you may not know, but hidden away in the basement of our lovely cafe is a brand new shiny kitchen! We have been expanding our menu bit by bit, adding tasty lunch and brunch offerings which have been going great so far. Our signature “Green Eggs & Ham” on our brunch menu is reason alone to get out of your warm, cosy bed on the weekends.

We have also started doing breakfasts at 3fe. We didn't make too much noise about this at first. We wanted to make sure we got it right. So some of you may already be in on the secret. But we felt it was time to share it with you all. Our menu is short and satisfying and here it is http://www.3fe.com/cafe/

In other news...now that the end of January is in sight and those new years resolutions have fallen by the wayside we are back on track with our #ThrowBackThursday and #FatFriday. Every Thursday we do a home made version of a retro treat and every Friday we make fresh donuts filled with seasonal delights.

For this weeks #TBT we have some Giant Jammy Dodgers and for our #FF we have Blood Orange Custard Donuts, dusted with winter spiced sugar. Both go on sale from 12noon and they sell out fast. Come on in and wave goodbye to those January blues.

We look forward to feeding you all and we hope you enjoy it.

Hilary, Head Chef.

Bolivian coffee preview at The Fumbally

If you follow us online you'll be fully aware that we recently took delivery of our Bolivian Coffees for this year. Bolivia has always been one of our favourite countries to buy coffee from and the work that Steve has done over the last few years has really yielded some incredible results for us. 

In saying that, there's a real fear that Bolivian specialty coffee may be on the brink of collapse due to a number of issues that we think are quite important to communicate and hopefully help overcome.

With that in mind our co-conspirators at The Fumbally have kindly volunteered their space to us to do a presentation on Bolivia, the coffees we buy and why we buy them as well as finishing proceedings with a cupping of some of the lots that have arrived.

We're going to open the doors at 6.30pm on Thursday and the event is open to anyone who wants to come along. See you Thursday!


Christmas Eve Coffee for Charity

We've had a good year this year and its always a good time to think back and be thankful for everything thats gone our way in the last 12 months. Every Christmas Eve we open for a few hours just to keep our regulars happy and sort a few folks out for beans over the festive period. This year we decided to go a little further and do coffee for charity on Christmas eve and pay back some of the goodwill we've enjoyed in 2014.

What we're going to do is very simple. We'll serve coffee from 9am until 2pm and not charge you a penny. Instead we're putting a bucket at the end of the bar and every cent that makes it into that bucket will go straight to charity, namely the Ben and Jake Connolly Trust www.benandjakeconnollytrust.com 

We usually charge €3 for coffee but if you wanna pay €1, €4 or even €400 we're perfectly cool with that too. We think this is an incredibly worthy cause and we hope to see you all out over-paying for coffee on Christmas eve. Thank you all so much for you support this year and we wish you all a happy Christmas.

A Roast Odyssey

As most of you are aware, we began roasting this year in Dublin port and set off on what has been one of the most challenging and rewarding tasks we've ever undertaken at 3fe. Having spent 4 years building a wholesale business to the point where we had enough customers to warrant roasting ourselves, we then faced the daunting task of meeting the standards set by our hitherto coffee supplier, the indefatigable Hasbean.

It took us over 6 months to actually get our roastery set up and working, encountering problems with bagging machines, burners, electricity supply and countless other unforeseen problems. Our roasting team were sent to Hasbean towers to learn how to do what we do, and Steve and his team have been regular visitors to Dublin ever since. 

Our first wholesale customer was in fact our own cafe on Grand Canal Street and from the 5th of December 2013 (which was coincidently our 4th birthday) all the coffee that was made there was roasted in Dublin, whilst Hasbean kept roasting for our wholesale customer base. We had envisaged this lasting 3-4 months but by the end of the year we knew it was time to switch everything over. When January 1st hit, all of our coffee was roasted and bagged as 3fe coffee and we haven't looked back since.

Things have gone incredibly well but not without a few hiccups along the way. The roasting team and the wholesale team are former baristas themselves and by cupping every coffee we produce we can ensure the highest standards are met at the roastery. We've binned (i.e. donated to charity!) a lot of coffee this year at our own expense because we know that every bag we send out will have the highest expectations of it from both our wholesale and retail customers.

Such was the success of the roastery, we met out annual roasting target by early August and are on course to exceed it by almost 60%. Steve has always been adamant that we would improve in every aspect by roasting more and that seems to have rung true over the last 12 months. We've also had the opportunity to now work with businesses outside of Dublin and have been lucky to work with some incredible folks like Established in Belfast, Urban Grind in Galway, Suas in Ennis, The Arch in Waterford and Alchemy in Cork.

Coupled with this we've seen our existing wholesale base get busier and many of them have even opened new locations, making us busier still. Nothing of what we've achieved would have been possible without their support and we feel very fortunate to work with some of the best businesses on the this island. This growth presented Steve with a few sourcing headaches as we ran through lot after lot but we managed to make it there in the end without compromising on our offering.

As 2015 fast approaches we've learned a few lessons and feel incredibly excited about the coming year. We will continue to grow 3fe in 2015 with like-minded quality-focused businesses and by also  improving our retail postal offering. Our new website will soon be selling individual bags of coffee to be shipped directly to your door which we've been waiting a long time to get going. We're incredibly grateful for all of your support over the years and look forward to making you excellent coffee in 2015.

Happy Christmas and New Year,