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Learning how to brew coffee is an incredibly rewarding experience and an essential step in learning more about coffee for coffee lovers and professionals alike.

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These classes are the best place to start learning about coffee.

Brew Class


This informal class for beginners is a fun and friendly introduction to tasting and brewing coffee.


Barista Workshop's

€175 - €250

A range of classes, from beginners to more in-depth, focusing on espresso, extraction principles & milk.


If you're interested in one-on-one or private training classes just drop us a line to [email protected] 

Brew Class

This class is aimed at the average coffee drinker who just wants to know a little bit more about what they're drinking. We start with where and how coffee is grown and bring you all the way through to making a delicious cup at home.


Brew Class

Duration: 3 hours.     €125.00

This informal class is a fun and friendly introduction to tasting and brewing coffee.

Aimed at the average coffee drinker who wants to know more about what they’re drinking and how to make a delicious cup at home. The class covers everything from farm to cup and how all of this in turn effects the final cup that you drink. The class is quite hands on, with an introduction to a number of different brewing methods and a chance to try a variety of coffees from around the world. The classes run on a Saturday morning, from 11am - 2pm and a Thursday Evening, 6pm - 9pm, in our purpose built training room. Each participant also gets a goodie bag to take home with them.


You'll learn about

Filter brewing
Tips for brewing at home
Water quality
Choosing equipment
Brewing variables
Coffee origins
Processing methods


Classes are limited to 6 people and they can fill up quickly, so book early to avoid disappointment.


Barista Workshop's

We offer a range of classes, suiting complete beginners to those looking for something more in-depth, with classes mainly focusing on espresso, extraction principles, steaming milk and latte art. Vouchers can be bought for specific dates, or 'Open Vouchers' can be purchased, with dates booked in the future. 
All classes are held at our designated training room at 7 Sussex Mews, Sussex Terrace, Dublin 4


Barista Workshop

Duration: 5 hours.       €250.00.       

An in-depth look at coffee, focusing on espresso and extraction principles. Aimed at those considering the professional route, or just curious to find out what exactly is happening behind that espresso machine. The class focuses largely on the fundamentals of espresso brewing, and covers everything from milk texturing and latte art, to filter brewing, managing workflow and everything in between. The aim of the class is to get everyone hands-on, pulling espresso shots from professional machines, steaming milk and becoming familiar with the equipment and terminology, while understanding the logic behind the methods. These classes take place on a Sunday Morning, from 10am - 3pm, lunch is included, as well as a goodie bag for everyone to take home.


 Barista Basics Workshop

Duration: 3 hours.      €175.00    

An entertaining taster into the world of espresso, covering all the basics involved in producing the perfect shot. The majority of this fun class is spent learning to pull espresso shots, steaming milk and making a variety of espresso based drinks. Although the class covers many of the topics covered in our main Barista Workshop, it doesn't delve into quite so much detail and is intended to give a totally hands-on, over view of using an espresso machine in a simple and enjoyable manor. Suited for the home espresso user or those who have always wanted to hop behind the machine with the barista when they order their coffee! These classes take place on a Thursday Evening from 6pm - 9pm and each participant also gets a goodie bag to take home with them.



Latte Art Workshop

Duration: 3 hours.    €175.00

Spend your time learning the perfect technique for steaming milk, creating microfoam and pouring latte art designs in a fun and relaxed way. We discuss the importance of using high quality milk, correct temperatures, jug sizes etc. No previous experience is required for this class and we welcome those already working in a cafe who want to perfect their rosettas, to those who want to try their hand at replicating the perfect tulips they see when they order a cappuccino. As class sizes are small, each participant will get amble practice time, as well as lots of essential tips and tricks for improving your pour. These classes take place on a Thursday Evening, from 6pm - 9pm and each participant also gets a goodie bag to take home with them.


All of our Barista Classes are limited to 6 people and they can fill up quickly, so book early to avoid disappointment.


Private and Corporate Events

Here at 3fe we offer a number of exciting workshops and experiences, suited for birthdays, Corporate events or just a well needed get together! All of our 3fe Workshops are entertaining, interactive and educational. We strive to create an atmosphere that is relaxed and enjoyable, creating the perfect environment for your group. 

For enquiries and quotes, email [email protected]