We work with some of Ireland's finest coffee shops and build relationships that are sustainable, mutually beneficial and focused on providing a quality and progressive coffee offering. If you'd like to talk to our wholesale team drop us an email at [email protected] and we'll let you know more about what it is that we do.


Our Approach

We source the best machines, grinders and coffee so that you can set yourself off on the right footing and then set about building a long term relationship to ensure your coffee offering is as good as it can be and always improving.


Our full-time training team are constantly working with all of our wholesales accounts to ensure that they are getting the best from their coffee. Regular education meetings as well as structured training programmes help to ensure that quality and consistency are always improving.

The day we signed the lease on our cafe, Colin was the very first person we spoke to, and we’ve been in the safest hands regarding our coffee offering ever since! The guys at 3FE have an incredible depth of knowledge of the coffee world. They collaborate closely with us to get the very best out of their product, including helping with barista recruitment, equipment selection, and ongoing training. It’s been a hugely supportive and rewarding relationship and we’re looking forward to it continuing for many years to come.
— James Boland, Proprietor, Brother Hubbard & Sister Sadie

Colin has an almost religious vocation to coffee and that makes working with him an absolute pleasure. He is genuinely committed to quality and always quick to solve coffee conundrums. We have no hesitation in recommending him.
— Fiona McHugh, Director, Fallon & Byrne

Partner with us

If you'd like to work with us then don't hesitate to get in touch with our wholesale team.